My name is Stella Rowley and I am the Regional Manager for the Conejo Valley / Ventura County area. My job is to strategically help connect businesses like yours that are seeking new customers, to their prime audience. Valpak can meet your customer where they are! Whether it’s in their mailbox with print, online with digital, or on their cell phones with our mobile app. It’s the perfect tri-fecta, no matter where your customers live, Valpak is in the neighborhood! The icing on the cake is that Valpak can track your ROI, by reporting ALL of the actions that result from your ad. This is just one of many features that set Valpak apart from our competition.

In this blog you will get a taste of the method to our madness.


70% of consumers prefer traditional mail for receiving unsolicited offers from companies and 54% want to receive mail from brands they’re interested in.


Your message and brand are more likely to be remembered by consumers who are introduced to your business when they receive your promotion in their mailbox. Recall with direct mail is 70% higher than with digital and requires 21% less mental effort to process.


Even online retailers are embracing direct mail. Jet Senior Director of Digital Marketing Emily Frankel, said they mailed 35 million direct mail pieces last year because they’re effective at reaching new and repeat shoppers and attract more urban, affluent shoppers. Online retailer Boxed also increased spending on print ads by 80% in 2017.

Jet and Boxed both recognize direct mail gets higher response rates than all digital channels – up to 5.1% versus a high of 0.6% for digital.4


Many advertisers are now experimenting with new ways to send out direct mail, often dialing in on consumer behaviors or shopping trends to improve their responses. Direct mail can target specific households based on purchase behavior, income, or demographic. In the same way digital advertising does, use online browsing and buying data to send relevant coupons and ads to homes in a format that consumers prefer.


By 2020, millennials, the largest labor force of any generation, are estimated to have a spending power of $1.4 trillion per year and are in tune with direct mail despite their perceived affinity for digital.5 89% of millennials will pick up their mail at the first opportunity, 77% pay attention to direct mail advertising and 52% will switch brands if they have a coupon.