Self-Care and Wellness

One of the most important lessons we learned in 2020 is to take care of ourselves and prioritize the health and wellness in our daily life. Not only we are talking about strengthen muscles and bones, but also the mental clarity, emotional health and spiritual balance.

Yoga has been scientifically approved to reduce stress, help relieve anxiety and manage depression. However, the mindfulness yoga experience may be very different from going to the gyms for a workout because you get so much more than lifting weights and sweats, for instance.

Firstly, yoga stimulates all the sense in our body by integrating the poses with controlled breathing. Secondly, one of the ways that yoga is different from traditional exercise is that we strive to turn our senses inward instead of searching for information from the outside world. Moreover, we can increase our ability to perceive and learn where we put our energy, leading the senses towards the self by turning our awareness inward.




Here are 8 benefits of Mindfulness:

  1. Slow down the busy “monkey mind”
  2. Get to know yourself better (with a different and deeper perspective)
  3. Focus and concentrate on what’s here and now
  4. Relieve stress and distance from anxiety
  5. Choose a healthier lifestyle and let go of unhealthy habits
  6. Be more resilient in life
  7. Leads to self-acceptance and more compassion for others around us
  8. Achieve a happier and more enjoyable life

Uncover the Myth

Yoga allow us to align the mind and body to take a deeper look at ourselves. Yoga is non religious and it helps us to open our heart and release any emotional blockage. You do not need to be flexible to do yoga. We meet you where you are at that day and moment on your mat. If your mind is too busy to quiet down, we’ll show you simple steps to find the connection with your breath to meditate and learn tools to manage stress and anxiety.

Feel Calm & Happy

There are many reasons to exercise regularly. Above all, practicing mindfulness yoga is a great way to keep you healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga is form of moving meditation. In addition, it is a work inward. As a result, yoga helps relieve the back pain and improves your balance on a physical level,. Together with breath-work, yoga increases your lung capacity and benefits heart health.

Best Season to Start Your Wellness Journey

In conclusion, spring is a great time to start yoga and reconnect with your mind, body and breath! The best mindfulness practice is to start now.
Refresh from the inside out and start your wellness journey at Harmony Family Yoga. With daily mindfulness yoga, breath work and meditation sessions for individual and small groups in the studio, to align your mind, body and breath and feel happier in life. Join Harmony Family Yoga and be part of a healthy minded community.