Community Engagement

What makes a community?

Is it the families living within their homes? Is it the land or is it the properties on that land? Could it be the many flourishing businesses within the shopping malls, or perhaps a civic arts plaza where performances are held? Schools, government entities, law enforces?

I think it’s safe to say that a community is created through all of the above aspects. A community stands to serve the residents within it, who then turn around and make positive impacts back to their community so it can continue to be prosperous for all.

Now think about your own community. How long you’ve lived there, the great restaurants you like to eat at, your family and friends you like to spend time with, the hiking trails you enjoy on Sunday afternoon…these very aspects that make your home so special, and where you live so valuable probably owe a large thanks to your town’s chamber of commerce.

Chamber of Commerce Influence

Most cities have one and it is through the hard work and relentless dedication of your commerce to cultivate a town where people will love to live.

Not only is it a trustworthy place for consumers to turn to to get great information on their town. It is also an economically sound place for business owners to invest their dollars and increase their presence within the exact community they are working to engage. The chamber promotes entrepreneurship and provides assets that help a company go from a start up to a thriving and revenue earning business. The Balance, a sales based blog talks even more about how chambers can help increase your success

Benefits of Networking

Chamber’s do this not only through their events but through their organized networking groups within their organizations. These networking groups bring the right businesses together whose main goal is to create quality referrals to drive revenue and sales for its group members. The best way to get involved with one of these groups is, of course, to become involved in and get to know your chamber. It is only through this avenue that you then get the opportunity to experience and try out the different networking groups to see where you fit best! Just ask The Daily Herald, and they will give you 6 reasons why it’s beneficial to link up with a networking group from your local chamber!

Networking to some may seem fruitless however, just ask anyone who is a part of a group, and more likely than not they will say not only have they gained friendships through their groups they have been able to send leads to the businesses within it.

Getting Started

You see the whole goal of a networking group is to find other businesses that are as passionate and committed to growing their companies as you are. It is when you find the right group that you will see those referrals coming in naturally, relationships building on their own, and the dream of growing your establishment coming true!

So, if you’ve recently started your own business or maybe you’ve been in business for a while now go and search for your nearest chamber of commerce and once you’re a member start visiting the networking groups within your organization. You will be happy you did!

If you are within the Conejo Valley then visit: to find information on how to become a member today!

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