No Referral Pushing

I’ve worked with a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs and the number one thing that often turns them off from joining a networking group is the fear of referral pushing.

A lot of networking groups operate on the pretense that at each meeting you must bring up to 3 qualified referrals for another group member. This can be a daunting task! Not only are you working day and night to grow your own company; you are also straining to find leads and new customers for a business that isn’t yours. Some networking groups will even ask you to leave if you don’t produce.

It is easy to see why some avoid organized networking groups.

The SPARK Relationship

The SPARK Networking Group believes in igniting your businesses through relationships. In other words, they work hard to develop lasting friendships, business relationships, and a working comradery that naturally produces leads for the group members. Just ask Candu Graphics, a printing shop located in Westlake Village. Through their participation in the group they have obtained many customers simply through word of mouth and testimonials.

Another business to benefit has been Office Evolution also in Westlake Village, an establishment that provides business services and has been able to help many companies within the Conejo Valley.

SPARK believes, not in forcing members to produce referrals, but rather, encouraging the participation and ongoing motivation to get to know their fellow members and from there the referrals organically come in.

I’ve seen in my years of business, that when people are simply working from a genuine setting leads will manifest and success comes with ease!

Informative Marketing Tips

The world of business we live in today is constantly changing and with the rise of technology it can be difficult for a new company to stay up to date with all those changes. At SPARK they understand this! Their meetings are filled with not only presentation from current group Members but also with guest speakers to talk about the new facets of marketing, social media management, and staying fresh in a market that is constantly growing!

Whether you work in finance, construction, real estate, or retail you will benefit from the informational seminars held for SPARK members only!

Check out our Instagram and Facebook Pages to learn more about SPARK and if you are curious about joining then visit our membership sign up page!